154800_10151327474528101_1169277981_nAnna is a devotee of the world of travel and all of its cultures, people and wonders. She has spent more than 15 years in hospitality in Northern California’s prestigious wine region, becoming an expert at creating luxurious, custom wine country itineraries, and leading small groups on intimate wine tours. The love of food and wine she developed in Sonoma County drives her to continue to explore culinary delights across Asia and Europe, and all of the little pleasures to be found across the globe. She believes the local food in any place is one of the quickest routes to immersion in the culture. Anna’s education in the field of anthropology added to her innate love of cross-cultural exchange. It also helped develop particular interests in nature-based, sustainable travel and primate conservation. These passions have led her on extensive journeys across South East Asia, from visiting some of the last primary rainforest in Malaysian Borneo, to volunteering with a wildlife rescue organization in Thailand. She loves all things ecotourism and believes that luxury travel can be done best thoughtfully and sustainably.

From a very young age, writing was a passion for Anna. Today, she is blessed to travel extensively for both work and pleasure. Marrying these two areas of her life, she hopes that these reviews of the places she visits, and her musings about life, culture, and society are interesting, helpful, or engaging to her readers (hopefully, all three!).


BaliPaella in BarcelonaMotor Couple BaliOrangutan BorneoHondarribia


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